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Mirage: Arcane Warfare Game Review

Mirage: Arcane Warfare has many users comparing it to Torn Banners Studios’ other game Chivalry both in fight style and dynamics. Though there are some major differences that also set it apart from its counterpart as well as some very noticeable setbacks. Firstly, there is a whole new art style with a pleasing aesthetic to the game that offers a variety of classes and new abilities that liven up combat. Secondly, there are also different game modes in this multiplayer game that broadens the gameplay into different aspects.

However, with all games that have pleasing qualities, there are often setbacks within that may have drawn the game to a near standstill. The main highlighted problem for Mirage is the minimal player base that disrupts the multiplayer game play it was designed for. Within this article I will be going further in depth of the strengths and weaknesses of this game that has brought it to its current standing.

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Pleasing Aesthetics

Mirage has a well-designed and colorful array of environments and characters. From a dozen unique well designed maps for each game mode to the combat movements and attacks; the game is rather pleasing to look at compared to the realistic look Chivalry had brought to the table.

Each of the six classes has their own differing style and pallet that makes them stand out amongst the gore of battle. They also come with different costumes and colors to bring a personal touch to the fight. The one-on-one melee attacks are amazing to watch as you destroy your enemies in first person. Even though the ranged attacks often hit less than they appear to, the graphical design of them is stunning in game.

The maps are just as diverse as the classes in the different combat modes. On higher population servers, the style could really blow you away as the map is filled with a variety of players amongst the colorful landscapes. Each map has a personal touch with amazing attention to detail.

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Gameplay Variety

Mirage has a handful of different game modes to bring life to the well defined maps – team objective, team deathmatch, payload or pushable, capture the flag, capture point, and arena. Each bring their own unique play to the game, most with unique maps made just for that mode that makes it more immersive and flow well together.

And unlike Chivalry, there are now six classes that you can play as that each bring a new experience to each and every map and mode. With these classes comes three main attacks for each weapon; a long ranged but ultimately minimal poke, a strong overhead cleave that deals damage to all players including team mates, and a mid damage attack that is rather mundane. There are also unique class abilities that each bring something more to the table another doesn’t. Below I have listed each class and the abilities that make them stand out from the others.

  • Vypress has a epic attack style with a rapier/dagger combo and an amazing short range teleport spell that helps bring enemies to a quick end.
  • Tinker closes gaps with a powerful charge forward or an electrictrifying pull towards her to end the opposite team efficiently.
  • Vigilist is a bit on the tankier side with slower combat, but it makes parrying a breeze with the shield and a blast that knocks enemies out of your face.
  • Taurant may have slower melee attacks but steps it up with a powerful spike ball to the face and a strong charge slam that nearly explodes targets on impact.
  • Alchemancer has an awesome ability that lets him teleport into the air with a boost ability; it even has fireballs that seem to turn into birds before impact, definitely a cool twist.
  • Entropist brings a whole new aspect to the game with healing abilities for self and team injuries, and it even comes with an awesome flying carpet.

The Last Stand

Though even with all this rather decent content, it all comes to a standstill when it’s realized there is little to no player base left to the game as of today. With ping being through the roof on most slightly higher populated servers, it makes it impossible to get into a game mode with actual players. The developers had to add bots to the game for users to even play since there were not many people left to join.

As of today, the Mirage playerbase has dropped to an astonishing null as it became unavailable on Steam and third party sites May 24th, 2018. The only way to play the game now is to play on player hosted servers if you can get your hands on the game itself. Even with the creativity the game Mirage: Arcane Warfare has brought to the table, its player base has dwindled deep into near nothing. It seemed to have a good run, but it is no longer worth the attention it had received in the past and is time to be put to rest.

Image Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/368420

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