How to Play RTS Competitively for Newbies

Playing any time of serious game as a beginner can or for the first time can be difficult and frustrating, right? At times you get whipped by every competitor in the game in every single stage, and sometimes you feel like calling it quits. With the following guide designed for RTS, you will pull out of the embarrassment and play with your enemies like a pro. The stuff in this guide combined with a lot of effort in practice and speed in all areas one at a time is all you will need to attain proficiency.

RTS’s are not as easy as they appear as though they are leisure games. You may not get the chance to beat players in higher levels, but you will slay those in lower levels flawlessly. The trick is all in the speed, and the brain will make your actions meaningful.

Think about the time

The primary foundation of RTS games it the understanding how to manage your time. Every moment of the game you are not doing anything means you are losing a lot and you might not recover no matter your speed, intelligence or how slow the opponent is moving. Once you lose focus on time, no matter how strong your defenses are against a weak offensive, you will still get stoppled. Doesn’t it mean that speed comes over intelligence but of what good is a good idea without ample time to implement it? Once you start playing the game, do not think about the gold or the treasure, think of how you are to manage your time, and the rest will come as an added advantage. For example in a game where you have to build a building, the blocks are placed at high speeds, and the accuracy compromised. You should never be worried about setting the brick perfectly because every second that you spend wondering where to put the block, you continue hardening your situation. You do it fast before you do it correctly. The first foundation in becoming faster is to learn hotkeys that is: setting your command center, while the rest help you add it to a control group. You need to learn how to click back to your command center easily during the game for faster results.

Always build workers

Workers who gather resources bring wealth to you which means the longer they gather the resources, the more the riches. Your command center should be building workers from the word go even before you start anything else. The only time you should quit building workers is when you have reached the maximum level of efficiency.

Spend the Resources build by the workers 

The mistake made by beginners is finding enjoyment in accumulating 3000 gold in the HUD. You need to spend your resources to buy equipment to defend you in case your opponent attacks. If you gather your supplies and allow your enemy to spend it in enhancing their soldiers and weapons while you accumulate it means you will lose the battle. It is not only the act of investing that you need to consider but also the priority of investment. Your resources are spent on the most needed sectors at the moment to improve your defenses.

Learn to build orders 

The ordered list you need to create needs to be on all the resources you decide to build including every individual worker. With detailed information of what is at your disposal, you can swiftly perform a strategy on time. If you are attacked mid-game and get rushed, you can improvise on your defenses and retaliate effectively. If you have built and are running a base and an army, it is time to scout.

Sending your Scout

Information about your enemy is essential in a battle. When you have enough resources and an army at your disposal, you need to send your scouts at your enemy’s base. This way, if you do not know the route map properly, they can gather that information. The scouts can gather information on the number of soldiers in the camp and the weapons they have. Mediocre players learn how to scout at the early stages but forget to gather information on whether the enemy is expanding which becomes a surprise on the day of the encounter.


Once you have prior information on your enemy, it is time to regroup to plan on an ambush to defend. An ambush always works well because you appear on your enemy’s camp unannounced which earns you a lot of kills. With the combat tactics at your disposal in the game, you can employ the most appropriate for the battle. The decisions you make will be determined by the weapons at disposal versus your enemy and the information you have on your enemy. If you are out shined on firearms, it is advisable to prepare for a defense strategy.With all the guides outlined above, you will be able to ace your opponents at the RTS beginner levels and with a lot of experience and practice; you will advance to higher levels very fast.


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